Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 4 has come and gone...

Sunset in the James River Face Wilderness

A little mud never hurt anyone

Hanging at base camp after a days work

Assistant crew leader Dannon McKinnon walks in the mist to the worksite

Crew #1 poses on the Copper Ridge Bald project

Volunteers on a hike to "Devils Marbleyard" after a day of work

A Volunteer digs in at Copper Ridge Bald

If it was alive we could use if to haul crush & fill!

Prepping a log step on the Matt's Creek project

The crew getting ready to depart the Matt's Creek project at weeks end

Again, my apologies for the lack of posts in the recent weeks. The crew has been busy with crew #1 completing the Copper Ridge Bald project and crew #2 getting some serious work completed on the Justus Creek Relocation in Georgia. In addition, crew #2 started week 1 of 3 at the Matt's Creek Rehabilitation project in the James River Face Wilderness, a project that requires a 1-2 hour backpack in to the camp/worksite.

Both crews have had some great experiences (like sitting on a dinosaur) and some not so great experiences (getting a truck stuck on a muddy forest service road) but in the end it seems like everyone looks back with fond memories of each week.

We really cannot believe that week 4 has already come and gone! If you haven't made it out you better hurry!

Until next week,


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