Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Doing Stuff.....and Things!

Pothole atop Spy Rock.

Trail Rehab Work/Training.

The 2009 Konnarock Crew atop Spy Rock.

Another couple of weeks till the start of our 2009 season and we're busy getting things ready! Including ourselves - training, project checks and getting out of our "winter coats."

To date, we've been out on a number of our 2009 projects and the schedule is looking good. So far we've been out on the New River Relocation, Main Top Relocation, Hanging Rock Rehabilitation and the Humpback Rehabilitation. Each project will be very different from one another. Do you like to build rock crib walls? Then Hanging Rock is for you. Not to mention the great views just up from the worksite. How about rock steps? Then maybe Humpback is for you (not to mention the luxurious Sherando Lake!). You can also get your fill of new trail construction on the New River and Main Top relocations with the Main Top project getting you access to Spy Rock (see photos above).

We'll be out on our southern project checks in a week and we'll report back. In the meantime, imagine sleeping under the stars in this....


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  1. Awesome job, guys! Keep it up, my hat's off to you. Thanks for all your hard work.

    The Pilgrim,