Friday, May 8, 2009

The Grand "Doo-Dah"

Doug and Camden

So, at the end of our pre-season project checks on May 3rd, Assistant Crew Leader, Doug DeJarnett gets the call....

His daughter is having her 1st baby and if he can make it in time, he'll be there for the moment. Doug gets back to base camp, gets in his vehicle and rushes off to Richmond (driving the speed limit all the way of course!). And, a few hours after arriving, his daughter gives birth to a healthy 7 lb and some change, baby boy (named Camden, born 12:30 am, May 4th, 2009).

I'm pretty sure it's a first for Konnarock; the first crew staff member to become a grandfather? Correct me if I'm wrong but....

Let the celebratory cigar smoking begin! Doug now goes by the name "Grand Doo-Dah."



  1. We were so happy that Dad was there. Cam even looks a little like him...check out that hair! We are excited to share this moment with you all. Dad will be the best "Grand Doo-Dah" ever! We love you, Dad.

    Whitney, Joey, and Camden

  2. Not sure who is the better looking.......Camden or the Grand Doo-Dah!

  3. Must be the Doo-Dah's work for the ATC that keeps him so young and fit and.....well...."Grand".