Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now it's "Normal" at Basecamp...

Skinning locust logs for steps at Justus Creek.

Hanging bear bags at Jenkins.

Crew #2 takes a much needed rest during the day.

Getting ready for a heavy lift.

Rehabilitated trail, much easier to walk.

Moving rock for a step on Jenkins.


After work conversation in Georgia.

Installing rebar to shore up log steps in Georgia.

Mira "supervises"

Mira's shirt says it all.

Testing out the new staircase.

It's a hard life...

Last Wednesday evening, things were pretty quiet around camp. Crew #1 was in Georgia and several Crew #2 folks were going to arrive late. So, when the small group of 4-5 Volunteers, myself and the crew leaders gathered for dinner that night, we said to ourselves "my it's eerily quiet."

Well, with Crew #1 returning from Georgia and Crew #2 returning from a week in the backcountry, Monday night was anything but quiet like the Wednesday before!

Both crews had great weeks with near perfect weather (hard to imagine with all the rain we're getting today) and some great work completed to boot. Crew #1 was able to finish the Justus Creek Relocation in the late hours with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club capping a two year project. Crew #2 was able to make great progress with the Jenkins Project (a three year project) totaling roughly 3500 ft of trail rehabilitation. One thru-hiker exclaimed as they were almost running down the Trail "this trail is so great I can almost fly!"

So far with week #3 down, we've been able to maintain our perfect safety record (knock on wood) and hope to continue with some great work for week #4 and beyond!

Thanks to everyone that's Volunteered so far to make this a successful season!


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